Kassimir, Ronald


Ronald Kassimir
PhD 1996, University of Chicago
Associate Professor of Political Science

Recent Publications:

Youth, Globalization, and the Law (co-editor with Sudhir Venkatesh). Stanford University Press. (forthcoming, 2006)

“If you are part of the solution, you are likely part of the problem: Transboundary Formations in Africa,” in Paul Tiyambe Zeleza (ed.), The Study of Africa: Global and Transnational Engagements, London: Zed Press and Dakar: CODESRIA. (forthcoming)

 Youth Activism: an International Encyclopedia, (co-editor, with Lonnie Sherrod, Constance Flanagan and Amy Syvertsen), Greenwood Publishing House.  (2006)

“Youth Activism: International and Transnational,” Introductory Essay in Youth Activism: an International Encyclopedia. (2006)

 “Global Media Culture & Young People’s Active Role in Society,” principal author, Chapter 6 in World Youth Report 2005, New York: United Nations.

“The Public Roles of African Universities,” (with Ebrima Sall and Yann Lebeau), Journal of Higher Education in Africa, 1, 1 pp. 126-148. (2003)

Intervention and Transnationalism in Africa: Global-Local Networks of Power, volume co-edited with Thomas Callaghy and Robert Latham, Cambridge University Press. (2001)

“Producing Local Politics: Governance, Representation and Non-State Organizations in Africa,” chapter in Intervention and Transnationalism in Africa. (2001)

“Reading Museveni: Structure, Agency and Pedagogy in Ugandan Politics,” Canadian Journal of African Studies, 32, 2/3, pp. 649-673. (1999)

Investing in Return: Rates of Return of Africans Trained at North American Universities, Social Science Research Council, New York, NY (With Mark Pires and Mesky Brhane). (1999)

“The Politics of Popular Catholicism in Uganda,” in Thomas Spear and Isariah N. Kimambo (eds.), Eastern African Expressions of Christianity, London, James Currey. (1999)

“The Social Power of Religious Organisation and Civil Society: The Catholic Church in Uganda,” Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, 36, 2, pp. 54-83. Also published in Nelson Kasfir (ed.), Civil Society and Democratisation in Africa: Critical Perspectives, London, Frank Cass.  Reprinted in Tom Young (ed.), Readings in African Politics, Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 2003. (1998)

“Uganda: The Catholic Church and State Reconstruction,” in Leonardo Villalón and Phillip A. Huxtable (eds.), The AfricanState at a Critical Juncture: Between Disintegration and Reconfiguration, Boulder, Lynne Rienner. (1998)


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