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Federico  Finchelstein
  • Ph.D. in History, Cornell University, 2006
  • M.A., Cornell University, 2003
  • Licenciado en historia, University of Buenos Aires, 2000
Historical Studies Department Chair, Associate Professor of History and Director of The Janey Program in Latin American Studies

Federico Finchelstein is Associate Professor of History at the New School for Social Research and Eugene Lang College.  Additionally, he is the Director of the Janey Program in Latin American Studies. He has taught at the history department of Brown University and he received his PhD at Cornell University.

Professor Finchelstein is the author of 4 books on fascism, the Holocaust and Jewish history in Latin America and Europe. His last book, Transatlantic Fascism (2010), studies the global connections between Italian and Argentine fascism. He has published more than fifty academic articles and reviews on Fascism, Latin American Populism, Genocide and Antisemitism in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian publications, both in collective books and specialized peer review journals in the United States, the United Kingdom. Belgium, Italy, Spain, Israel, Brazil, and Argentina. He has been a contributor to major American, European and Latin American newspapers, including The New York Times, The GuardianInternational Herald Tribune, Mediapart (France)Clarin and Folha de S.Paulo.
Recent Publications:


Edited books

Selected Articles and Chapters in Books and Journals

  • “Fascism and the Holocaust.” In Dan Stone (ed.) The Holocaust and Historical Methodology (Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2012)

  • “The Holocaust as Ideology. Borges and the Meaning of Transnational Fascism” Dapim – Studies on the Holocaust 25 (2011) [In Separate Issues in Hebrew and English]

  • “History and Memory from Past to Future. A Dialogue with Dori Laub” Yifat Gutmman and Amy Sodaro (eds.) Memory and the Future: Transnational Politics, Ethics and Society (New York: Palgrave, 2010)

  • “Regarding History, Holocaust and Culture” Dapim – Studies on the Holocaust 23 (2009)

  • “Fascism Becomes Desire. On Freud, Mussolini and Transnational Politics.” In The Transnational Unconscious Mariano Plotkin and Joy Damousi (eds.) (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009)

  • “On Fascist Ideology.” Constellations. An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory  Volume 15, Number 3 (2008)

  • “Sexo, Raça e Nacionalismo. A construção  católica do del estereόtipo corporal judaico na Argentina.” in Maria Luiza Tucci Carneiro (ed.) O ANTI-SEMITISMO NAS AMÉRICAS. Memória e História (São Paulo, Brazil: Editora da Universidade de São Paulo-Fapesp, 2007)

  • “The Anti-Freudian Politics of Argentine fascism. Antisemitism, Catholicism and the Internal enemy, 1932-1945.” Hispanic American Historical Review, Volume 87, Number 1, (February, 2007)

Newspaper and Magazine Articles
Office Location:
Room 515B, 80 Fifth Ave
Office Hours:
By appointment only.
Phone Number/Extension:
212.229.5376 ext. 2991


Research Interests:
  • History and Theory
  • Comparative and Transnational Fascism
  • Intellectual and Cultural History (Latin America and Europe)
  • History and Politics
  • Holocaust Studies and Historiography
Professional Affiliations:
  • American Historical Association
Recent Presentations/Exhibits:
  • Invited Lecture. “Peronism and Cold War Violence”, Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung,  Hamburg, Germany, October 30, 2013.

  • Invited Lecture. “Transnational Fascism and Antisemitism in the Transatlantic Space". Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich,Germany, October 28, 2013.

  • Keynote Speaker “Fascism, Myth and Critical Theory”  Primeras Jornadas Internacionales "Actualidad de la Teoría Crítica" Rosario, Argentina. Facultad de Psicología. Universidad Nacional de Rosario, October 10, 11 and 12, 2013

  • "Ideology and the Dirty War: A Public Roundtable on Argentina." Latin American Studies, University of Toronto, Canada, September 27, 2013.

  • Keynote Speaker “Conferencia Magistral. Historia, Fascismo y Violencia” In Jornadas Hacia una Historiografía del Violencia, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM) , Mexico City, June 4-6, 2013

  • Invited Lecture. “Genealogía del Terror: una historia del fascismo argentino” Departamento de Historia Americana, Universidad de la República. Montevideo, Uruguay, July 8, 2013.

  • Invited Lecture. “Fascism and Violence" In When Humanities Falter: Frictions, Detours, Translations, NYU, NYC, May 8, 2013 

  • “From Auschwitz to the Argentine Concentration camps" In Representing Genocide: Media, Law and Scholarship” Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies- University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, April 5-6, 2013.

  • Invited Lecture. “Fascism and Populism” Deutsches Historisches Institut in Rom / Istituto Storico Germanico di Roma, Rome, March 27, 2013.

  • Invited Lecture. “Destrutturazione e rielaborazione di un'identità politica: l’ideologia fascista in America Latina." Two Invited Lectures. “Scuola di Studi Superiori 'Giacomo Leopardi' dell’Università di Macerata, Italy. March 25-26, 2013.

  • “New Italian Approaches to the Holocaust” in The Italian Shoah: Beyond National Mythology, Centro Primo Levi and Center for Jewish History, NYC- February 5, 2013.

  • “Nazism, Memory and Aesthetics across the Atlantic” The Wolfsonian Museum–Florida International University, Miami, February 1, 2013.

  • “Fascism and violence” University of Texas at Austin. November 15, 2012.

  • "The Argentine Canon. Lugones and Borges between history and politics" In panel “The Latin American Canon” at the NECLAS Conference, Yale University, November. 03, 2012. 

  • “Fascism, Myth and Violence in a Global Context” In Fascisms Then and Now. Italy, Japan, Germany. Nanovic Institute for European Studies. The University of Notre Dame. October 24-26, 2012. 

  • “The Transatlantic Circulation of Fascism.  Italian Fascism, Argentine fascism and Peronism.” In  Il fascismo tra Italia e Europa. Una storia transnazionale. Convegno internazionale. Biblioteca del Senato della Repubblica Italiana, with Istituto Germanico di Roma e l'Ecole Française de Rome. Rome, Italy. October 18-19, 2012. 

  • “Peronism and Fascism” in The New York Area Group in European Intellectual and Cultural History, CUNY-Columbia-NYU, September 20, 2012.

  • “Before State Terror? Argentina’s Paramilitary Formations and their ‘Dirty Wars’ ” In  Conference The global enemy and dirty wars in the 1970s. New School For Social Research and Lang, NYC. April 5, 2012.

  • “The Myths of Fascism” In Workshop "Myth and Politics". Philosophy Department. NSSR, February 16, 2012.

  • “Argentine Fascism, Anti-Imperialism and Islamophobia” Transatlantic Intolerance: The Rise in Anti-Islam, Anti-Immigrant and Racist Sentiment in Europe and the U.S. Center for European Studies- Department of Government. University of Texas at Austin. January 28 & 29, 2011.

  • Keynote Speaker, at Primer Encuentro Nacional de Teoría Crítica “José Sazbón”. “Freud, Fascism and the Origins of Critical Theory”. Facultad de Humanidades y Artes, Universidad Nacional de Rosario. Rosario, Argentina. November 18 - 20, 2010.
Competitions and Appearances:
Awards and Honors:
  • Best Book in Latin American Studies Prize: Dartmouth University, 2011 awarded by New England Council of Latin American Studies (NECLAS). This is from the consortium of Latin Americanists from Harvard, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, U. Mass and other universities from the northeast.

  • Messenger-Chalmers Dissertation Prize, 2007

  • Sage Fellowship (Andrew W. Mellon Foundation), Cornell University, 2005-2006

  • Mario Einaudi Fellowship, Fondazione Einaudi, 2004-2005




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