British Independ Tradition

Term: Spring 2013

Subject Code: GPSY

Course Number: 6345

The British Independent Tradition is one of the three distinct theoretical traditions within the British Psychoanalytic Society. Emerging originally in the 1940s out of the controversial discussions between the Kleinians and the Freudians, the Independent Tradition (also know as the Middle Group), consisted originally of theorists not wanting to rigidly identify with either the Kleinians or Freudians. Some of the more well know original Middle Group theorists were Donald Winnicott, Ronald Fairbairn, John Bowlby Michael Balint, Harry Guntrip, Paula Heiman, Marion Milner, James Strachey & Masud Khan. Important contemporary Middle Group theorists include Christopher Bollas, Nina Coltart, Neville Symington, and Roger Kennedy. Theory and practice in this tradition is associated with an emphasis on pragmatism, innovative thinking, an interest in countertransference, important focus on countertransference, and an interest in the therapeutic uses of regression. There are interesting similarities and differences between British Independents and American Relational analysts. In this seminar we will explore some of the more important theoretical and technical innovations emerging out of this tradition.

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