Clinical Supervison and Consultation

Term: Spring 2012

Subject Code: GPSY

Course Number: 6347

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the fundamentals of clinical supervision and consultation through a combination of reading, discussion, and "hands-on" experience. Students will read and discuss articles and chapters on the topic of supervision throughout the course. At the same time, they will take turns presenting cases they are currently carrying on externship. The instructor will be begin by modeling the process of supervision, commenting on choice points, and considerations that are guiding his actions as a supervisor. This will be followed by students taking turns in the role of supervisor throughout the course of the semester. The instructor will provide ongoing feedback to student-supervisors about the process. Input will be welcomed from other students as well. In addition to gaining experience supervising, students will learn to negotiate the complexities of providing supervision in a group format where the needs and optimal learning format for all members of the group need to be taken into consideration.  

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