Historical Methods

Term: Spring 2012

Subject Code: GHIS

Course Number: 6134

Historical Methods and Sources offers theoretical perspectives on and practical training in historical research, writing, and representation. We begin by exploring debates surrounding just what history is as mode of narrative, form of textuality, and set of relationships to the past. The remainder of the course provides hands-on training in what historians do: cull and interpret primary sources; locate and pull materials from archive; identify relevant contexts and relate texts to them; assess existing literature; review books; design research; and intervene in historiographic debates by crafting original arguments. Individual projects will be tailored toward students' research interests and build toward (or enhance) work on their Masters theses. This course is mandatory for all Historical Studies Master students and for all PhD students doing joint programs in history, but it is open to all NSSR graduate students who are interested in historical research and methodology. 

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