The Forms of Europe: Critical Perspective on European Integration

Term: Fall 2011

Subject Code: GPOL

Course Number: 6306

The construction of a political Europe in the 20th century has formed and informed many political theories. It also underpins different economic, social and cultural projects (a European public sphere, constitutional patriotism, transnational social movements, etc). This course surveys some of the most important conceptual and theoretical efforts in giving a political form to this ambitious project. European ‘integration’ is one of the catchphrase to think the forms of Europe, but one could think of the role of the Cold War in dividing the continent, or instead of the 1968 protests (student movements and Czechoslovakia) and of 1989/2004 as unifying moments for Europe. The Forms of Europe sheds critical light onto whom and what these forms have included or excluded, and compares over time and place how Europe (inside and on its margins) has been thought, perceived and conceptualized.

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