Youth Culture:Sex,Drugs,Comedy

Term: Spring 2011

Subject Code: GSOC

Course Number: 5106

This course is an attempt to explore three distinct social worlds in the city; sex, drugs and comedy in order to see how they come together, collide and connect. Each of these arenas are youthful in inspiration and each concerns a dimension of city life that is engaging, problematic and exciting. The course attempts to examine how these three dimensions of city life manage to stay together in an urban environment wrought with crises, issues and dangers.

This course is part of a series of experimental courses under the rubric of seminars of engagement. The seminar of engagement is a pedagogical model engaging students in the field and classroom. It involves multiple epistemologies of doing where students experience as they present the questions, the problematic in the seminar. How students know what they know is by the give and take in the seminar after their field experience. While it is not readily acceptable in the university to use personal quests (autobiographical adventures) in scholarly work we must not forget that in our current information age, truth, however problematic the notion, still largely exist in the form of personal testimony and while the knowledge they gain is "personal," it is still evidence. We intend to spend time examining in detail the world of sex, toxicmania and comedy with a primary interest on personal forays into these areas of the city using embodiment as a key theoretic strategy. This course has limited enrollment.

Course requirements include: (a) final paper (b) group discussion

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