Sociology of Religion-Religion and the Law, A Comparative Approach

Term: Spring 2011

Subject Code: GPOL

Course Number: 5109

The course will consider problems of religious jurisdictions, secularism, and relations of church and state through a series of important court decisions in several contemporary contexts: the United States, the EU, Canada, India, Israel and Turkey. We will consider the role of both religious movements and secular initiatives, e.g. women's and gay mobilizations that use courts as democratic channels, and how these may conflict and clash in and out of the legal sphere. Special interest will be paid to new , public interest type litigation especially important in Canada, India, and South Africa. Our approach will be sociological, political theoretical and legal, depending on the context. Students will be able to propose and present projects on a problem area or a country context of their choice. We will read secondary literature, historical or theoretical where appropriate.

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