Best & the Brightest: 1960s

Term: Spring 2011

Subject Code: GHIS

Course Number: 5111

The "long Sixties" (1954-91974) were a period of profound global transformations, driven by a wealth of social movements, political and cultural struggles, and insurgent and insurrectionary logics. The period was also witness to structural changes -- technological, institutional, economic -- that transcended conventional forms of political agency. This course explores the interplay between subject and structure in accounting for the intensity, breadth, and interconnection of forms of radical contestation. We will explore foundation philosophical and theoretical critiques which helped define the global New Left; challenges to empire through struggles for national liberation; the challenge to bureaucratic rationality in the Communist World; the world of "policy" and elite agency; numerous "local" arenas of struggle; and their implication in international and transnational structures and cultures of dissent. Special focus will be given to the United States, West Germany, France, Mexico, as well as to the domain of culture, broadly defined. Readings will be drawn from across disciplines and include: Marcuse, Katsiaficas, Suri, Klimke, Jameson, Herzog, Joseph, Varon, Ross, and Bourg, as well as period documents.

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