Seminar as Talk Radio [A,F]

Term: Spring 2010

Subject Code: GSOC

Course Number: 5201

This experimental course will explore the difference between information (passively acquired) versus knowledge ( actively pursued through experience, interpretation, questions), in order to examine the way” talk” is constructed for public consumption with special emphasis on such Goffmanian emotive arenas as embarrassment, jealousy, kindness, hatred, anger, fright and humor. In addition, this talk-radio format will include recordings of Dubois and Robeson on race and politics; discussion on the desire for race with Daynes and Lee; video of Habermas lecturing in the public sphere; Benjamin readings on radio for children; Fanon on a dying colonialism; and Malcolm X on wax, speaking about political dissent. Students will act as audience, commentators and guests on a variety of contemporary and traditional subject matter including the transforming elements of perception, race relations, politics, sexuality, and academic cult personalities. Students will be required to ‘act” as these scholars, be familiar with both their personal lives and scholarly work. Three different narrative constructs will be utilized: verbal, visual and musical.

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