Critiques of Capitalism

Term: Spring 2010

Subject Code: GPOL

Course Number: 6444

After a period of relative neglect, theorists are again taking up the critique of capitalism. Responding both to the perceived excesses of the cultural turn and to the spectacular rise of neoliberalism, many critical theorists are now returning to the concerns of Marx. But today's theories of capitalism do not simply repeat earlier critiques of political economy. At their best, rather, they incorporate the fruits of other recent intellectual and political developments, including globalization theory, postcolonial theory, governmentality theory, feminist theory, and recognition theory. In this seminar, we survey some of the most important critiques of capitalism, both old and new. Readings by Marx, Weber, Lukacs, Polanyi, Mies, Wallerstein, Harvey, M. Davis, Boltanski and Chiapello, Gibson-Graham, E. Anderson, Honneth, and, among others.

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