Clinical Theory & Technique II

Term: Fall 2009

Subject Code: GPSY

Course Number: 6277

This course provides an introduction to clinical theory and technique from a psychoanalytic perspective. Throughout the course an emphasis is placed on the integration of theory, research, and practice.  Ongoing consideration is given to the question of how relevant research can inform clinical practice and vice-versa. In addition, the implication of cultural and individual differences for clinical practice is considered. A final objective is to introduce the topics of consultation and supervison. Topics include: beginning treatment, case formulation, the therapeutic frame, defenses and resistance, transference and countertransference, enactments, intersubjectivity, one versus two-person psychologies, mutuality and asymmetry in the therapeutic relationship, therapist self-disclosure, therapeutic impasses, cultural diversity, termination, and psychotherapy supervision.

A continuation of GPSY 6275, to be taken concurrently with GPSY 6272. Prerequisite: successful completion of GPSY 6275

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