Foundations of Sociology II [Core/Methods, E]

Term: Spring 2009

Subject Code: GSOC

Course Number: 5102

This course is an introduction to the emergence of social history as a reaction to the dominant political history and historicism of the 19th century and its crystallization in different national variants: the French Annales, the British Marxist historians and �history from below,� and the German and Italian schools of social history. Following a discussion of the interdisciplinary dialogues and debates between social history and the social sciences, particularly historical sociology, the course traces trends in the development of European historiography from historicism to postmodernism. Special attention will be paid to 20th-century European historiography and to different methods of doing historical research and writing history. The course concludes with a review of recent trends: the crisis of social history, postmodern and poststructuralist challenges, the revival of narrative and the fragmentation of the nation, and the new dialogues of history and sociology with anthropology, literature, and cultural studies.

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