PhD Seminar (Spring 2009)(2)

Term: Spring 2009

Subject Code: GPOL

Course Number: 7300

Fall 2008, Spring 2009. One and one-half credits. The dissertation is simultaneously the capstone of graduate education and the prelude to an academic career. With this in mind, the seminar is designed to assist advanced students in formulating a researchable project that also holds the promise of carving out a distinctive niche in political science. It combines the reading of exemplary literature with writing practice. It considers how to select appropriate methods and aims to help students form the critical support networks that are indispensable to success. The seminar extends over the entire year; each semester students will write one critical paper on an exemplary work in their own field as well as prepare a draft of their proposal for discussion by the group as a whole. Admission to this seminar normally requires that the student has passed at least one field exam and that the student provide a statement from a dissertation advisor saying that he or she is working seriously on a dissertation proposal.

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