Our Alumni

Richard Goode"Mannes seems to me unique in the importance it gives to the wholeness of a musician's education, the degree to which thought and feeling go hand in hand with mastery of one's craft. It is a school, not an institution, and in its warmth and informality often seems more like a home. It has always tried to encourage in its students a generous and humanistic conception of what it means to be a musician. What I learned at the school has been the foundation of my life in music."

Richard Goode (BS Piano, 1969), Concert Pianist


Murray Perahia"Mannes College seems to me an example of what must be done in the matter of musical education. A small college—a community where music is of one substance with existence."

Murray Perahia (BS Orchestral Conducting, 1969), Concert Pianist


Mary Hammann"At Mannes, I found mentors who inspired me for a lifetime: Julius Levine, Felix Galimir, Karen Tuttle, Edward Aldwell, Carl Shachter—even my sight-singing teacher, Ms. Aaron. Mannes provided an incredibly inspiring musical education on a human scale. Small and friendly yet part of the thriving life of New York. Musically and emotionally, I owe Mannes a great deal."

Mary Hammann (MM Viola, 1987), Metropolitan Opera Guild


Nardo Poy"I will always appreciate what Mannes has done for me as a musician. The size of the school ensured that I would always get personal attention that would not have been possible at many of the larger conservatories. The strong emphasis on techniques of music has always had a profound effect on how I end up hearing and interpreting whatever music I perform. It was a privilege to have had the opportunity to study with such a distinguished faculty."

Nardo Poy (BS Viola, 1971), Orpheus Chamber Orchestra


Bruce Revesz"The musicianship training I received at Mannes is the foundation of my career. Throughout my professional endeavors, I've found the ear-training skills I learned at Mannes have enabled me to be not just a trumpet player but an intrinsic member of the orchestra. "

Bruce Revesz (Diploma Trumpet, 1961), New York City Opera Orchestra


David Cerruti"Mannes is an excellent learning environment because of its small size and enrollment; quality of faculty and a feeling of intimacy among colleagues inspired me. It's the opposite of what I call a 'factory' conservatory: the individual is nourished from the outside and encouraged to develop from within."

David Cerutti (MM Viola, 1984, and BM Viola, 1983), Metropolitan Opera Orchestra


Yael Weiss"At Mannes there was always a sense of discovering music for the first time. The teachers challenged us to think independently. The nourishing environment helped that crucial transition from student to artist."

Yael Weiss (MM Piano, 1996, and PSD Piano, 1998)

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