What is CEA?

The New School's Communications and External Affairs department (CEA) is the university's center for branding, messaging, and promotion. CEA serves as The New School's in-house publicity, marketing, writing, design, video, and Web facility. 

CEA teams collaborate with the rest of the university to achieve the following goals:

Build Brand Identity and Affinity

CEA integrates concept, message, and design in all the materials it creates to ensure that they remain true to the New School brand.

Attract Prospective Students to Inquire and Apply

CEA's strategic cross-marketing efforts support the university's enrollment goals.

Deliver Essential Information Clearly to Key Audiences

A resource for information and communication both internally and externally, CEA enables stakeholders (and potential stakeholders) to make informed decisions.

Manage Reputation

By generating positive social media buzz and press coverage, CEA helps ensure that the university's name continues to be associated with an eminent faculty, innovative projects, and academic offerings that are relevant to today's society.

Provide an Atmosphere for Giving

CEA works with the offices of Development and Alumni Relations to promote the university's mission and communicate about its accomplishments to alumni, donors, and volunteers.

Use Resources Efficiently

CEA streamlines functions, as by combining print jobs and clustering thematically related academic programs in advertising campaigns, to operate as efficiently as possible.

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